Our firm has been providing legal services ever since 1990, and thus we at Pavlok have had ample opportunity to amass the varied experience and in-depth expertise in the practice and application of Czech law that is now so invaluable to our clients.

   Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality service tailored specifically to their needs, and never to lose sight of our ultimate goal: the effectively protection of our client‘s interests and rights - every time.

   Our detailed and thorough familiarity with Czech law, backed by many years of experience and by our knowledge of both EU and International Private Law, together form the solid legal foundation on which we tailor ourservices to fit each individual client.

   At Pavlok Law Offices we provide legal counsel, the drafting of legal opinions, and client representation in legal proceeding being held before all levels of governing and public administration bodies, before all levels of trial and arbitration courts, and also in cases of grievances brought before the Constitutional Court and the European Human Rights Court.

   Our services are available in Czech, English and German.